Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ground breaking and laying the foundation.

Now that the development of the site and its content are underway, let me spill more details on what we are  working on. The site template has been bought (check it out here ) and we have been looking through the structure and construct of its design. Though the site will not look exactly like the design (there has to be an identity for the site after all), it sure will bear a striking resemblance to that theme.

We cannot say the same smooth sailing story about the content though. Those who have visited  our sister site will know that all our content is in flash. We have a love and hate relationship with flash. When completed, it looks awesome, and the kids love it. But for development and cross platform compatibility, it is not so stellar. There is no full featured support on mobile versions and iOS does not have native support for it, which means if and when we port the site to the iPad, we will have hills to climb.

The support and encouragement from family and friends is our midnight oil and we keep burning through it as we are motivated to create something that has personal connection for the founders and expatriates worldwide. Rest assured, we will keep updating you of our progress (or non-progress) and hope you will join our journey to seeing this dream getting fulfilled.

Sunil Jacob,
Founder, Malayalam At Home.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kickstarting Malayalam At Home.

After a lot of procrastination,debating, discussions and thinking, I have kickstarted the Malayalam At home project. Having already done Urdu At Home (, the project has some legs in that some basic functionality can be reused from the other site. Paypal integration, web application framework etc  are some of the foundation stones already laid down. But enough of the technical jibberish - I am excited to have started a project which when completed will hopefully help numerous kids to get in touch with Malayalam and their ethnic roots. Part of the inspiration is drawn from my personal life - being an expatriate, sometimes I wish my kids spoke Malayalam fluently and also understood some of the beauty of that language. The other part of inspiration is what I have heard from many people who are malayalais but grew up outside of Kerala. They love the movies, songs and other artifacts of Malayalam and wish they could connect with the language more. Hopefully, this website will help in a small way to get the anonymity out of Malayalam to everybody and their kids who feel that they are out of touch with Malayalam.

Heres to hoping that the project gathers steam and the website becomes live sooner than I imagine. No matter what the journey entails, I will try to share the trials, tribulations and successes with all of you readers and if this inspires atleast one other person to do something similar, I will be glad to be a part of that.

I am keeping my fingers crossed. (When my hands are fre from coding. :)

Sunil Jacob,
Founder, Malayalam At Home.